2. Creating your first task

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Setting up a ‘Target’

Each ‘Task’ configured in ‘Cyberm8’ is run on one or more “Targets”.
A “Target” usually have an “IP Address:Port”, Credentials, and perhaps additional configuration parameters (such as “API Key” or “Domain”).

To configure a new target, login to the web interface, and navigate to “Targets” on the left-hand menu. and click on “Targets” and “Add”.
Configure the target “Name”, “Vendor” and “Product” and input the required target credentials and ‘Save’ the target.
You can now move on to creating the task.

Creating a ‘Task’

On the left-hand menu, navigate to ‘Tasks’, and click on ‘Add’.
Name the ‘Task’, and navigate to the ‘Steps’ tab.
On each ‘Task’, you can add as many ‘Steps’ as you would like, in this guide we will start with a single step:
1. Click on ‘Add step’
2. Edit the step ‘Title’ (step ‘ID’ will be auto-generated’).
3. Select the ‘Vendor’, ‘Product’, and desired ‘Action’.
You will prompt you for the parameter relevant for the ‘Action’.

Step Parameter and ‘Run Form’

Each parameter can either be ‘hard-coded’ on task creation or prompt to be filled by the user running the task.

To configure the parameter to be filled by the user on ‘Run’ click on the ‘3 dots’ icon next to the specific parameter, and click on ‘Add new’.
you can now select the item to be displayed to the user (for example) a ‘single line’ or a ‘drop down’ selection menu.
Enter the field Label (will be displayed to the user) and click on ‘OK’.
select the newly created variable for the step parameter.
(the created variable will be displayed in the parameter field as {{variable_name}}.

Save the Step. Save the Task.

Running the task

You can now ‘Run’ the task and see the form you configured prompting the user for information.

To create new task, simply click on ‘Add’ or ‘Duplicate’ an existing task and edit it.